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I am following the tutorial here: and when I create the android application project it says there should be a hello world program already inside it. I checked the myApp>res>layout folder and the activity_main.xml file is missing. I have already checked on udemy and many people are having this problem as well and I cannot find the answer. Any help would be appreciated as I am new to this website and programming and app development in general. :)

I am running SDK 23 and and ADT 23. I have visited this thread: Eclipse doesn't generate & activity_main.xml and have not found a solution. Any help will be appreciated.

edit: I noticed I am also missing my src code. When watching tutorial videos this code is pre-generated. My src file is empty.

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Solution : I have been struggling with this issue for 2 days now. Searched through countless posts and countless suggestions.

With the new ADT kit I was selecting "Blank Activity"

This morning I tried "Empty Activity"

This creates the Main activity

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Thank you! This worked perfectly. Strange how they changed what activity to pick without mentioning it in the google documentation. – Krzysztof Jul 2 '14 at 23:54

I have the same problem and tried a lot of things to recover it, but it doesn't want to work until now. It looks like it's a known issue. For more information search for issue-nr 72603 on


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Thanks for replying. I just downloaded Android Studio. It's in beta but at least it works. – Krzysztof Jun 27 '14 at 21:39

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