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I've lost some time with a bug in my app due to user authentication. I think that it's a bit confusing but maybe someone can explain the reason and it will appear to me very logical.

The user.is_staff is a member variable while user.is_authenticated is a method. However is_authenticated only returns True or False depending if the class is User or AnonymousUser (see

Is there a reason for that? Why user.is_authenticated is a method?

Thanks in advance

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I've been bit by this a couple of times. The name certainly sounds like a boolean, and it is either True or False, and it doesn't change unless you change your login status. The fact that it isn't a DB field shouldn't prevent it from being a per-instance attribute. – Peter Rowell Mar 15 '10 at 16:38

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Because is_staff is a database field and is_authenticated is not (since that would be strange). Maybe is_authenticated could be turned into a property, but django devs must have decided, that making it a function would be clearer.

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is_authenticated() just checks that the user has provided a valid username and password. It would not allow to login user as guest user (If i am not wrong).

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Nope, is_authenticated is just False for anonymous and True and authenticated user. At least in the trunk ;-) – gruszczy Mar 15 '10 at 12:15

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