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I have a submit button on my form:

= semantic_form_for record do |form|
  = form.actions do
    = form.submit 'Save'

I want to add an icon from FontAwesome, with link_to I can use a block:

= link_to record do
  = fa_icon 'save'

But this doesn't work with Formtastic's form.submit.

I also tried:

= form.submit fa_icon('save')
= form.submit fa_icon('save').html_safe

But both renders escaped HTML.

How do I add a font-awesome icon to the <button> tag?

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Try using capture to set a label, as in:

- label = capture do
  = fa_icon 'save'
= form.button label
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Check my update, see if that works. –  uhn-nohn Jun 28 '14 at 9:44
Using this solution with = form.button works, but using = form.submit doesn't seem to work :-/ You have to use = form.button [...], type: :submit... –  Carpetsmoker Oct 6 '14 at 19:00

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