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I'm trying to run a custom segue for an unwind transition. There is an overall navigation controller, and two subviews (ViewA and ViewB). I am trying to go back between these with the following code (triggered via a button and a storyboard reverse segue):

// XXXNavigationController.h

- (UIStoryboardSegue *)segueForUnwindingToViewController:(UIViewController *)
toViewController fromViewController:(UIViewController *)
fromViewController identifier:(NSString *)identifier {
    UIViewController *controller = self.topViewController;
    return [controller segueForUnwindingToViewController:toViewController

// XXXViewBController.h (in a reverse segue, going ViewB -> ViewA)

- (UIStoryboardSegue *)
segueForUnwindingToViewController:(UIViewController *)toViewController 
fromViewController:(UIViewController *)fromViewController 
identifier:(NSString *)identifier
    XXXReverseZoomSegue *segue = [[XXXReverseZoomSegue alloc] 
    return segue;

This currently results in the following exception:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 
'UIViewControllerHierarchyInconsistency', reason: 
'child view controller:<XXXViewAController: 0x14c5119e0> 
 should have parent view controller:<XXXViewBController: 0x15000b400>
 but actual parent is:<XXXNavigationController: 0x14c5116a0>'

How can I set this up correctly so I can make the reverse segue work?

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Do you know if you found a solution to this? I have the same setup and not getting an exception, but it hits segueForUnwindingToViewController, but it does not unwind. –  Chris Sep 5 at 22:21

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