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Trying to compile Chromium Embedded framework on Yosemite Developer Preview gives me a few errors involving [NSApp setDelegate:self]; cefsimple_mac.mm with the error:

cefsimple_mac.mm:93:22: Incompatible pointer types sending 'SimpleAppDelegate *' to parameter of type 'id'

Obviously not a solution, but commenting this out provides more of these errors in the code as well.

I looked up NSApp setDelegate in the Mac Developer Pre-Release library, and it seems that it no longer works as intended in 10.10 (I don't want to say deprecated because I am going off of memory, and just know it was crossed out).

Does anyone know of a way I could fix this?

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I haven't tried CEF on 10.10, but looks like it's API change of NSApp in 10.10,

Here is a similar issue in Qt:


So the fix maybe replacing

[NSApp setDelegate:self]


[[NSApplication sharedApplication] setDelegate:self];

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Now I'm getting this: Incompatible pointer types sending 'SimpleAppDelegate *' to parameter of type 'id<NSApplicationDelegate>' Obviously I need to get the delegate of the class, but I am not sure how to. –  TheLostDays Jul 1 '14 at 3:09
Change line number 14 of cefsimple_mac.mm from "@interface SimpleAppDelegate : NSObject" to "@interface SimpleAppDelegate : NSObject<NSApplicationDelegate>" –  Janarthanan Nov 7 '14 at 18:17

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