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Are there any plugins available which will commit the build artifact back to SVN?

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I believe the svn publisher will meet your needs.

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Unfortunately Svn Publisher is not really finished and requires quite a bit more work before I can use it in anger.

I've found I can do what I need with a shell/cmd script executed as a build action (or of course post-build would work), although it's not really ideal. The script just uses standard svn command line functions and looks something like:

svn mkdir http://my.server:port/project/branches/buildArtifacts/${BUILD_ID}/ --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD -m "JIRA_ISSUE This is a commit message"

svn co http://my.server:port/project/branches/buildArtifacts/${BUILD_ID}/ BuildArtifacts --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD

cd BuildArtifacts
cp ../../build/${BUILD_ID}/*.xml .

svn add *

svn ci --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD -m "JIRA_ISSUE This is a commit message"

So, we create the new folder for the build artifacts in Subversion, check it out to a local (in-workspace) folder, copy what we want in, svn add those items then commit everything back.

Personally, I am still not sold on the benefit of having build reports in Subversion, but we need to have persistent storage of this information -- the Jenkins server isn't a good repository for it.

Writing a custom plugin or actually fixing Svn Publisher would be a better solution long term.

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Any way to obfuscate the password or leverage the password protection inherent in Hudson's SVN checkout utility? –  Sean Anderson Apr 5 '12 at 23:57
Thanks a lot, this worked... –  ATOzTOA Mar 20 '13 at 10:45

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