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I am deploying social networking site with django on VPS, my current stack is nginx, postgresql, gunicorn. I am going to add memcached, I will be forced to use {% cache %} tag in my templates or low level api in views though, as each site will be dynamic for authenticated users. I have 1 question regarding {% cache %} tag, lets say i will input a variable within cache tag like so:

{% cache 500 x %}
{{ variable }}
{% endcache %}

Lets assume that {{ variable }} is in fact very consuming database query written in related view. What would be the best way to prevent database hit from view (lets assume query will be evaluated in view) , should i cache it as well with low level api? If so isnt it a bit redundant as I would cache it in both places? Please give me your thoughs what would be the most convenient method. Btw, I know that this example is trivial, if I only wanted to cache variable I could do this in view, but I will surely need to use cache tag to cache some loops, multiple html lines generated by python etc. Thanks

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First, the usage of authentication in your site doesn't involve the usage of low level cache in both sides views and templates, note for instance you can do something like {% cache 500 user %} and that will save different chunk of code of each user of your site.

Answering your second question: in general, you can prevent database hits just caching into the templates. Evaluate the query there instead of doing into the view, and make a dynamic clean up of the keys when the content changes instead of using fixed expiration times, that way let you get better performance result. Also, take in mind cache tag saves just chunk of HTML code.

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