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It looks like only a part of BCL is supported for KRuntime. Is there a list of the assemblies in BCL that will be supported? ASP.NET vNext repositories don't include any of the System.* libraries. It would be useful to check if a library can be ported.

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ASP.NET vNext has a package feed on MyGet. It looks like we can query it with NuGet.exe.

NuGet.exe list -Source "https://www.myget.org/F/aspnetvnext/api/v2"


Checking the feed with NuGet Package Explorer is a better alternative. You can easily open up package contents and see if KRuntime is supported. As far as I can see, not all of the packages listed there are supported on KRuntime.

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I also found useful this myget gallery for asp.net vnext dev branch or master branch

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