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I have a Window handle Picker and it says my handle is 0094167C. When I declare the variable in c# the letter in this code gives an error. How to declare?

public const IntPtr WinHandle = 0094167C;

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You know that the handle will typically change with each application and/or system start? This means your constant is subject to failure anyway.

If, however, you really want to assign a constant other than zero to an IntPtr (which would be IntPtr.Zero), the documentation states that there are constructors that take Int32, Int64 or Void* as parameter.

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Now I didn't know that handles changes. I will make a new question. – Kovu Mar 15 '10 at 10:00

As OregonGhost points out you probably don't want to do that for a windows handle. However, for a IntPtr in general, what you can do is this static readonly fields:

static readonly IntPtr TenK = new IntPtr(1024 * 10000);
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