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I have created a custom post type called characters. Each character is assigned a custom taxonomy called a "ship". Posts can also be assigned to "ships".

I figured out how to create an archive for my custom taxonomy (taxonomy-ship.php) here: http://cantstopshipping.com/ships/, but What I'm currently trying to do is create unique landing pages for each of the Ships so that when you click on a single ship you're directed to a page that lists all the characters associated with that ship and then all the posts associated with it.

The thing is, I can't seem to figure out what template file I should create/edit in order to do this. Every time I click on one of the ships, I get directed to a new URL (http://cantstopshipping.com/ship/jarvey for example, but it just uses the taxonomy-ship.php template and displays the list of ships again.

I know there's a taxonomy-ship-{slug}.php template for individual ships, but then I would have to design a template for every ship (which is crazy since there will be hundreds).

Any help in helping me understand how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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