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I am trying to run a Python script that uses a few 3rd party modules (numpy, pandas, Twython) from Run Shell Script in OSX Automator. I wrote a hello_world.py script that runs successfully so I'm certain that the problem is due to the 3rd party modules.

In Terminal, I can successfully execute: python Desktop/my_folder/myscript.py, however when I try to run the shell script below, the shell script fails. I run Python 2.7.7 from anaconda distribution.


cd ~/Desktop/my_folder/
python script.py

How do I write a shell script that works for Python scripts that use 3rd party modules?

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You need to specify the absolute path to the Anaconda Python when you invoke Python, not as a shebang line (which apparently is ignored by Automator anyway). When running a shell script under Automator, your shell startup profiles are probably not being run so the changes that put the Anaconda bin directory on PATH do not happen, causing python to refer to the system Python. Try this instead.


cd ~/Desktop/my_folder/
/Users/myName/anaconda/bin/python2.7 script.py
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Thanks for your help, Ned! –  bfs1990 Jun 28 '14 at 14:03

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