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I am using the R package knitr, with the "results='asis'" option. Using this, the R cat commands generate strings that go to a latex .tex file. That's just fine and a common use of knitr, I think.

Could you indicate me how to insert some line breaks in the .tex file. The goal is not to insert latex \linebreak commands that create linebreak in the pdf, but to create line breaks in the .tex file, i.e. when I open the .tex in a text editor, they are seens as new lines. I tried lots of cat("\n") an cat("\n") and sort of stuff, but can achieve my goal : either knitr considers it as an escape sequence, or just inserts the "\n" in my .tex file, which I can then view as "\n" in my .tex with the latex editor and it useless.

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cat("\\linebreak\n") The last \n is not needed, just for a nicer look –  Dieter Menne Jun 28 '14 at 9:48

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