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for(Node<T> neighbor : current.getAdjacentNodes()) {
    neighbor.setDistance(current.getDistance() + neighbor.getDistance());


I am getting a NullPointerException from this for-loop. I dont really know how to avoid this. I already tried to ask (if neighbor == null) { break } but this doesn work either.

This is my class. http://pastebin.com/hKMrG6h2

at src.Node.getDistance(Node.java:69)
at src.Dijkstra.populateDijkstraFrom(Dijkstra.java:35)
at DijkstraTest.TestCase1(DijkstraTest.java:34)

Dijkstra.java:35 is my for-loop

[ORIGINIAL CODE] http://pastebin.com/k7Mu18YE
[CLASS CODE] http://pastebin.com/hKMrG6h2

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Is current maybe null? Post your exception and on which row it occurs. –  Keppil Jun 28 at 11:35
i´ve tried some checks and i think my problem is neighbor.getDistance() but i am not sure how to check if the neigbor is "the last one" –  user3717963 Jun 28 at 11:37
Can't you post stacktrace? –  kukis Jun 28 at 11:38
You haven't posted the relevant code. Your stacktrace clearly shows the the NullPointerException occurs inside the method Node.getDistance. –  Erwin Bolwidt Jun 28 at 11:43
That's not the code that threw that exception. Dijkstra.java line 35 doesn't contain a call. Node.java line 69 cannot involve nulls. –  Svante Jun 28 at 11:54
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The distance field has Integer type. But the getter for that field returns primitive int. When you call getter and the field is not initializated or has null value it will throw NPE. Thats because JRE tries to Unbox Integer type to primitive int. And you can't assign null to int.

I attach short code that reproduce that behavior.

    public class Testy {

    static Integer v;

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    private static int getDistance()
        return v;
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