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I'm using this script for getting thumbnails from a directory.Here it shows all the images returned by glob().How do I make glob to return limited number of images?Is it possible to limit glob returned values?


$filecount = count(glob("".$usr_alb_path."/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png}",GLOB_BRACE));

foreach(glob("".$usr_alb_path_thumbs_path."/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png}",GLOB_BRACE) as $images) 
  if ($filecount > 1)
     echo "<img class='uploaded_image_live_img_thumbs' alt='".$row["caption"] ."' src=\"".$images."\">";
    //another function

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$c = 0;
foreach(glob("".$usr_alb_path_thumbs_path."/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png}",GLOB_BRACE) as $images) {
   if($c++ > 5) break ;


$truncated = array_slice(glob("".$usr_alb_path_thumbs_path."/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png}",GLOB_BRACE), 0, 5);
foreach($truncated as $images) {

If you have too many files in directory and you want limit result you can use opendir() readdir() or more elegant way - DirectoryIterator class

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As glob() returns you an array, you can just extract a part of the result via array_slice().

If your directory has too many files / you want to filter them somehow, you have to redesign your persistence layer [and since you are echoing html that way, I suggest to redesign your whole application].

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