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I have a geckoWebBrowser control, it works well. But I stucked at somewhere, the webpage that I navigated alert like this

"Do you really want to do something bla bla? [OK] [NO]"

How can I click on OK?

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"Using the mouse" is probably not the answer you are looking for? –  Uwe Keim Jun 28 at 14:15
by using GeckoFX? –  Deniz Jun 28 at 14:23

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Use AutoJSContext

    GeckoWebBrowser browser = ....;

    using (AutoJSContext context = new AutoJSContext(browser.JSContext))
     string result;
     context.EvaluateScript("3 + 2;", out result)
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I couldn't understand. How can I use that function? Couldnt find any source on the web about usage –  Deniz Jun 28 at 15:06

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