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I am new to "REGEX".And this question is training and educational for regex in java.

I try to remove leading new line chars from a string.(I know we can do this by 'trim()',but I do not want use it).I use '^[\r\n]+' as regex,like this:

str = "\r\n\r\ntest";
str.replaceAll("^[\r\n]+", "");

I guess result will be


But the result is:


As you can see,leading new line chars do not removed.Also I try '^\s' or '^\s+' as regex,but result was same.Do you know why those regexes do not match leading new line chars?

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I do not know much about java but here is a generic solution: regex101.com/r/sP3wW6 –  sshashank124 Jun 28 at 15:32

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A String cannot be modified: replaceAll returns the changed string.

str = str.replaceAll(...);
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