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I am developing image redraw app. i know the center of one image view which is having scaling property. i.e it can change it frame and center . that to be applied to another view center. when i apply center to newly formed Image view it giving wrong center because of the previous image view is having scaling property. so how can i get exact center to my new image view from previous imageview

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Your view or image is


your center view should always be in position


whether the image is scaled or not. Just recalculate your center after the scale if you need the "scaled" center or keep in memory the original center position if you don't.


    return pos;

    c = getCenter(image.w,image.h);
    scaled = image.scale(80); //That is 80% of original
    d = getCenter(scaled.w,scaled.h);

    if(something) return c;
    else return d;

Second explanation after discussion (read comments):

Let's assume you have a 640X480 image and you create a view of 320X240 (a quarter of it) and you move THIS view 100px right and 50 pixels down from position (0,0) which is usually top left corner of your image then:

  • your new center of the VIEW will be as usual in position (160,120) of the VIEW

  • the original center of the ORIGINAL image will remain in its position (320,240) which casually corresponds to the bottom right corner of your VIEW.

  • IF you want to know WHERE the original center of the ORIGINAL image DID end up AFTER movement and "cropping" then you just have to know where did you move the VIEW:

    100px right becomes (original position - relative movement) (320 - 100) = 220 
    50px down becomes (original position - relative movement) (240 - 50) = 190

    So your ORIGINAL center will be in position (220,190) of the new VIEW.

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thanks for reply, i am unable to find out center relevant to original after scaling.. –  Madhu Mar 15 '10 at 12:13
i am able to get center after scaling, but how to know which position in original now –  Madhu Mar 15 '10 at 12:15
you just need to do the opposite conversion: if for example you started with a 1280X1024 and got to a scaled 1024X768 image then your scaled center is in position (640,512) your original one can be calculated ONLY IF you know what scaling function was applied. –  OverLex Mar 15 '10 at 12:17
yes , i know the scaling function then how can i get original center from scaling center –  Madhu Mar 15 '10 at 12:20
for ex: my frame is of first (320*480) its center is (160*240) and after scaling its frame is (1008, 1512), now scaling values are (1.2 ,1.2) then how can i get original (320*480)center –  Madhu Mar 15 '10 at 12:23

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