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My html5/javascript game (for the windows store) is lagging constantly! i have used barely any resources and i have used gsap for animating the bullets and mines. heres an example: in chrome enabling everything under rendering shows the lag immediatly (the background and mines lag the most)

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the problem is the tiny interval (10ms) used in most setInterval()'s.
increasing the interval should help and since javascript is a single threaded language, using lots of timers basically queue's them (performance issue) try using less timers by putting multiple functions in single timers

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That's not lag. It's the browser trying to scroll when you press the right arrow key. Put e.preventDefault() at the start of your keydown handler.

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The OP isn't talking about the scrolling issue, as he said his app is for the windows store. the mines sort of skip frames randomly –  user3549636 Jun 29 at 9:44

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