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Does YUI have selector methods like jQuery?

e.g. get me all div's that are children of that have links in them?

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YUI 3 (currently in preview release) has explicitly JQuery-like selectors:

Y.all('.foo').set('title', 'Go!').removeClass('off');

Take a look at:

I've gotten good results using YUI 3 Preview Release 1 on OffsetConsumer.org, a website I'm working on; the next YUI 3 preview release is scheduled to come out in November.

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Check the YUI Selector Utility, it gives you CSS3 selector sintax, it still in beta but works quite well, check this example: YAHOO.util.Selector.query

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YUI has selector utility since version 2 (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/selector/), but it doesn't get popular in YUI 2 since most of module codes are written before selector is introduced into YUI2.

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