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I am trying to improve my page by analysing Google Chrome DevTools' timeline.

I am getting a "Forced synchronous layout" message multiple times, all triggered by jQuery:

enter image description here

Now, I can try and guess where in my code I triggered this "Forced synchronous layout" (which can be pretty difficult in some cases), and I can add an non minified jQuery version,and look for the method causing this (this can be pretty difficult as well. Usually I'll have some inner jQuery method and it will be almost impossible to track the source in my code which is causing this.

Is there a better way to track events caused by 3rd library code (when all I can see in timeline is the line of code triggered the event?)


The "Forced synchronous layout" was here just as an example. What I'm really looking for is a better way to track events cause by 3rd library code.


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