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I have installed Elixir 0.14.1 and Erlang 17.1 on my mac by homebrew

When I tried to run the mix command I get the following error:

$ mix new example

No file named /usr/local/bin/mix

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It is a regression on Erlang 17.1. We are releasing Elixir 0.14.2 today that will address this particular bug.

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Awesome, thank you José I see that now is working :) – igmarin Jun 30 '14 at 2:58

I'm not very sure if this is the way to fix the error, I'm very new to the language and what I did and now mix is working is:

$ brew unlink elixir $ brew install elixir --HEAD

Any ideas? Suggestions?

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New update, no need to do a brew install elixir --HEAD

just to update to the latest elixir 0.14.2 will work.

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Just want to add: if you are using Homebrew, make sure to run brew update before running brew upgrade elixir so you can get the latest formula.

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