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I am beginning with ExtJS. I am trying to read a value from a cell that is selected
I use an EditorGrid and the store looking like that :

my_store = new{
    root: 'topics',
    totalProperty: 'totalCount',
    idProperty: 'details_id',

    fields: [
        {name : 'index',    type : 'int'},
        {name : 'inactive', type : 'int'},
        {name : 'c_1',      type : 'string'},
        {name : 'c_2',      type : 'string'},
        {name : 'c_3',      type : 'string'},
        {name : 'c_4',      type : 'string'}
    proxy: new{
        url: 'my_proxy_url'

As of now, this is what I use to retrieve the rows and columns of the selected cell :

var column = grid.getSelectionModel().selection.cell[0];
var row    = grid.getSelectionModel().selection.cell[1];

How can I read the value of a selected cell in the grid and change this value ?

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It entirely depends upon your selection model. With a RowSelectionModel you can get the Record of the selected row like thus:

var sel_model = grid.getSelectionModel();
var record = sel_model.getSelection()[0];

Then all you need do is use the set() method:


Of course, with an EditorGridPanel you're supposed to assign editing to controls and not directly.

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thanks...a lot...this is what I was searching. bless you –  Poonam Bhatt Jan 22 '14 at 9:57

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