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I'm trying C2 to produce a heat-map. For the purpose, I would place multiple divs on the same row.

I found the necessary CSS specification to achieve that. But I don't know how to code the CSS in C2 for the container and the row for the multiple divs.

Below is the CSS specification:

 #heatmap {
    display: table;

  #row  {
    display: table-row;

  #cell {
    display: table-cell;

and here is my attempt to encode the CSS specification, based C2's demo for for bars:

(bind! "#heatmap"
       (let [width 500 bar-height 20
             data {"A" 9, "B" 2, "C" 4, "D" 3}
             s (scale/linear :domain [0 (apply max (vals data))]
                             :range [0 width])]

          (unify data (fn [[label val]]
                        [:div#cell {:style {:height bar-height
                                            :width (s val)
                                            :background-color "gray"
                                            :display table-cell ;; added to reflect the CSS style for display for the div
                         [:span {:style {:color "white"}} label]]))]))

I figure that I could code the display attribute for the div#cell as above. But I have no ideas how to represent the display attribute of the div of row containing the cells, and the container containing the row.

With the above code, the bars are not on the same line but still stacking vertically, without any error message observed.

I guess that I might need to learn hiccpu in order to achieve my purpose. Could you experts kindly give some pointers to get me up to speed faster.

Thank you in advance!

Yu Shen

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