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i have a application, which is connected to a webservice, and it is getting realtime informations about something happened at some places. The Information have a timestamp and Lat/Lon coordinates. I store each of that datasets into a NSMutableArray. In some cases, there can be several thounsands (50.000) of datasets in it. That all is working great. But now i want to have a MKMap on which i place each dataset as a small dot (6px diameter) on the desired location. I have a function, that is called if a new message is placed in the array. Here i can put the new point to the map.

My question is now, when i use annotaions, the MKMap will be unusable due to the high amount of annotations. Every two seconds i want to redraw the points in the view area. I do this, because i want to change the colors of the points. Color from Yellow to brown depends on the age of the message.

What is the best method to do this ? What about a Core Graphics layer over the MKMap ? And what about if i drag the map, or if i change the zoomlevel? I think, I need a redraw of the map then.

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If you want to change the color of the points, I would recommend just updated their UIView objects rather than re-adding them to the map for performance reasons.

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