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I'm having trouble trying to use git difftool (in this case, opendiff for mac) to visualise the differences made in the latest git commit. I don't want to launch opendiff for each pair of files that has changed, I just want to launch one instance of opendiff which compares the entire directory, so I've followed the advice from this answer which is to use --dir-diff. I ended up using this command:

git difftool HEAD^ HEAD --dir-diff

The problem is that when I launch this command, the opendiff says that there are 0 differences (even though using normal diff will show differences in multiple files). What's going on? How do I use difftool correctly?

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That answer specifies that the diff tool must be able to "compare two directory hierarchies at a time after populating two temporary directories". Can opendiff do that? – Chris Jun 29 '14 at 14:37
The command you provided works well for me with meld on Linux. Maybe opendiff issue? – buff Jun 29 '14 at 15:00
Perhaps git log -p -1 would be useful? – twalberg Aug 27 '14 at 14:22

The files get deleted immediately because opendiff (the command line tool) exits straight after launching FileMerge (the GUI tool). You need to write a short wrapper script that will copy the left and right folders to (another) temp location and start opendiff with those locations.

Edit: you can configure a custom difftool that will start FileMerge directly and wait for it to exit. Add this to your ~/.gitconfig

[difftool "fm"]
cmd = /Applications/ -left \"$LOCAL\" -right \"$REMOTE\"
path =
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