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I have Debian, Apache, Mediawiki. I set Expires in .htaccess for plus one month. Mediawiki sends header Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT. But if i create any simple script or file, it shows the correct information. Anyone else encountered this? I noticed this on many MediaWiki sites. Thank you.

I use this .htaccess:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MaxKorz/htaccess/master/.htaccess but edit expires for plus one month.

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Please describe this in more detail. Provide link to your installation, settings, .htaccess file. –  beerwin Jun 29 at 14:08
I use this .htaccess:raw.githubusercontent.com/MaxKorz/htaccess/master/.htaccess but edit expires for plus one month. –  user3787795 Jun 29 at 14:35

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Don't manage MediaWiki's caching behavior with external tools. Expires: set to 1970 is normal for MW without a HTTP cache in front of it (and even with a cache it will be set to expire immediately, but with a s-maxage). If you're worried that clients will be requesting stuff repeatedly - there's no problem here because If-Modified-Since will be used to avoid unneeded transfers. Without this, there will be problems with letting clients know when a page has changed.

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