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I'm currently debugging a Java application which uses the ESRI ArcObjects library. As the ArcObjects themselves are COM-classes and interfaces an integrated COM-bridge is used, which seems to be a stripped-down version of JIntegra.

It occurred to me, that the initialization of the ArcObjects library creates some system properties but I can't find any documentation on these (Google, EDN, Forums). Can someone please explain the system properties and their us or point me to a documentation site where I can read their definition myself?

After initializing the ArcObjects using

AoInitialize ao = new AoInitialize();
esriLicenseStatus licenseStatus = ao.initialize(esriLicenseProductCode.esriLicenseProductCodeEngine);

the following new system properties are set (I have omitted unchanged system properties):


Thanks in advance.

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If you are paying the sometimes exorbitant ESRI licensing fees, I'd recommend giving ESRI a phone call. However do these properties cause problems with the application?

If the parameters are blank, then I'd imagine they wouldn't have any effects. What values did they change from?

As for the others:



(default is true)

Native mode means the JVM will load ArcObjects in-process. The default value of true should not be changed for ArcGIS Engine applications.

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