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I'm trying to re-organize my Python project by moving scripts from the package directory into a top level script directory. After these changes, this is what my project hierarchy looks like:




Notice how the script and the package have the same name.

The script my_package.py looks something like this:

# MyProject/scripts/my_package.py
import os
    import my_package
    print os.path.abspath(my_package.__file__)
except ImportError as e:
    print e

When we run the above script the interpreter imports the current module rather than the package of the same name (note: the package my_package has already been installed into site-packages as an egg and our virtual environment is properly activated.)

How can I import the package my_package from the script my_package.py given they have the same name?

Other Technical Info:

  • Python 2.7.3
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
  • VirtualEnv 1.11.6
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Change script name - it is the simplest solution. –  furas Jun 29 at 15:25
Did you try add os.path.append("..") before calling import my_package –  Valijon Jun 29 at 15:27
@furas is renaming the script really my only choice? Based on what I've read about the "absolute import" feature, the import syntax I used should work. –  AlfaZulu Jun 29 at 15:36
@user8708 I tried sys.path.append('..') and had no luck. –  AlfaZulu Jun 29 at 15:36
@AlfaZulu your my_package should be inside scripts to override path –  Valijon Jun 29 at 15:42

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For me it works with

sys.path.insert(0, '..')

since the import does something like for path in sys.path:.

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