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ProductID: 1 ProductName: Peanut ProductCategory: Nuts

ProductID: 2 ProductName: Banana ProductCategory: Fruits

ProductID: 3 ProductName: Pecan ProductCategory: Nuts

Desired array:

ProductCategory: Nuts[ProductID: 1, ProductName: Peanut, ProductID: 3, ProductName: Pecan] ProductCategory: Fruits[ProductID: 2, ProductName: Banana]

1) How would I create that array?

2) How would I iterate out a list of categories (for sort buttons)

3) How would I iterate through the array to get:

ProductID, ProductName, ProductCategory (for the list that will be sorted)

My problem is that at the moment, I have a simple flat array.

I am using mixitup (JS sorting / filtering library) but if I do a simple foreach loop for the category sort buttons, I get duplication of my category buttons.

This is all happening in Laravel with Blade.

Sorry for the noobishness.

Thanks guys

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Can you post your codes –  lozadaOmr Jul 14 at 16:39
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