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do you know in which ways is it possible to launch an application?

I know that it is possible by clicking on the icon, and it is possible by clicking an url with a cistom protocol,

Anyone know if there ae more ways?

For example is it possible to make an application be launched when the users touch 3 times the home button?

or when the user start a call?

thank you


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The only ways that it is possible to launch an application are the ways you describe:

  • Clicking the application's icon
  • Via a custom URL scheme

The above applies to non-jailbroken iPhones. I would imagine it is techinically possible to hack a jail-broken iPhone to launch apps in other ways, but naturally such functionality would not be permitted on the App Store

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Jailbroken phones can use libactivator. It has a set of predefined touch and physical button events that can start an application. Of course it is not viable if you plan to publish your app in the store.

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