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Hello Everyone, I am doing a project with RPI, I want Rpi to boot by internet, user login must be check with a server, and i want the sd to be encrypted. I want all of these because I do not want the information inside Rpi to be hack, i want to protect all the information and the use of this by a server.

Is this possible? How could i do it? What do you app recommend me? I need an orientation to continue reading and investigating. Best regards Thank you for your help! JoseLuis

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This is really too broad a question. You're looking for tutorials and this site focuses more on specific programming and code issues. Try a search engine or someplace like Google+ that should have groups focused on this. –  Matthew Bakaitis Jun 29 '14 at 18:01
I do not know what to search, that why. First you can tell me if using LDAP, OPENSSL, NETBOOT and DISK CRYPT i am going to protect the data? My be i am exaggerating and I only need LDAP OPENSLL and Disk Crypt. you can recommend me what thing I need to use... Then I will do my research, I am not asking you to give me step by step, I am asking a orientation and an advice... –  Jose Luis Lujan Jun 29 '14 at 18:14
I want to be clear that I'm not criticizing your interest. I just wanted to point out that this site isn't good at answering open ended questions and that you'll have better results with searches or other sites. I have been in your position. There are times when it can be hard to find info and it is frustrating. –  Matthew Bakaitis Jun 30 '14 at 1:19
try this sister site - softwarerecs.stackexchange.com –  Matthew Bakaitis Jun 30 '14 at 12:00
Thanks Matt I ve just asked –  Jose Luis Lujan Jul 1 '14 at 2:05

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