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I am trying to identify duplicates in a unix file and sum up the values . For example:

I have a file like:

aa,  05
aa, 02
aa, 01
bb, 01
bb, 12
cc ,02
dd, 03

And I need the output:

aa, 08
bb, 13
cc, 02
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This should do the trick:

$ awk '{a[$1]+=$2}END{for(k in a)print k,a[k]}' FS=, OFS=, file
cc ,2

For custom sorting pipe to sort:

$ awk '{a[$1]+=$2}END{for(k in a)print k,a[k]}' FS=, OFS=, file | sort    
cc ,2

See man sort for all the things sort can do.

If you want to clean the whitespace up around the commas then one method is:

$ awk '{a[$1]+=$2}END{for(k in a)print k,a[k]}' FS=' *, *' OFS=, file | sort 
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