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I'm attempting to build a custom SDK in VS 2013 for my Windows Compact Embedded 2013 OS. I've been able to successfully build the OS and deploy to a VM using Hyper V, so I know it's ok.

However, when I try to build an SDK (so I can do some .Net development, if there's any other way to do that please let me know), it fails on compile with the following:

C:\WINCE800\build.log(34) : Message: - Processing Project Template folder - C:\Users\a\AppData\Local\Temp\vstemplates\visualbasic\Windows Embedded Compact\DotNetCompactSDK\1033\emptyproject

C:\WINCE800\build.log(35) : Message: - Processing Project Template folder - C:\Users\a\AppData\Local\Temp\vcprojects\Windows Embedded Compact\DotNetCompactSDK

C:\WINCE800\build.log(36) : Error: adding required files {log="C:\WINCE800\build.log(36)"}

Error: GenSdk build error: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. {log="C:\WINCE800\build.log(37)"}

The build.log doesn't provide any additional information other than what I've posted. I've only found this issue twice in my Google searches so I guess it's rare. Any ideas?

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There is a bug in the SDK build tools. It will be fixed in the next release

Find a work-around here:

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