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I'm using Phonegap/Apache Cordova.

My project mainly concentrates on building a mobile client, there is no question about the tool I'm using. PhoneGap is great, and meets the requirement.

To give you a description. The client mainly sends and receives input to a Web service resource. But the server is in a VPN.

So, using an actual device rather than an emulator. I use OpenVpn for mobile, and set up the configurations to allow me to connect to the server and access the resource. There is no problem with the current set up.

My problem is, building, running etc. it to the device still takes time. I've looked into Apache Ripple which is great btw, an easier approach to simulate the application. Especially if you're just experimenting, testing layout, fixing a typographical error, you need not to rebuild the entire application all over again.

However I have absolutely no Idea how to set it up so as to have it connect to the server that's in a VPN, (like my first solution using openVpn) since I do not basically have an actual device with the OpenVpn on it. Is there a way to do this? or have I not just explored enough? Thanks!

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Hi, did you develop cordova plugin using OpenVPN? just a curiosity question. –  CIF Jan 4 at 5:16

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