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I am implementing a scanner app.I have question how to print image in connection between android and printer directly such as AirPrint of IPhone. I heard that there is only way to print text and image using Google Cloud print in android. I am searching for any solution.but I cannot find any solution and example. Sould I use any 3rd party tool to access WIFI printer in android? Would you let me know any solution? so Anybody help must be appreciated.

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If you are targetting at the API level 4.4,Please refer the below link it will help you.Printing with the Android Printing framework

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that is not what I want for the solution. I need roadmap or solution to make wifi printer App by using API, not external application and not API level 4.4. I want to customize print outs. –  slee2540 Jul 1 '14 at 4:56
I think you should change your question. Otherwise the answer is a good fit to "how to print [an] image .. [with] android. –  Peter Kandinsky Oct 2 at 10:39

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