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I have three Models,

User, Token and Score. Every Score belongsTo Token and Token hasMany Score. On the other hand a User hasMany Token and Token belongsTo User.

Now I want to access the scores of a user, through the token model.

Normally I would do something like this:

 $scores = Token::where('user_id', $user->id)->with('scores')->get();

But this doesn't allow me to list all values of a column of the scores table, through:


Practically I want to show all scores, that belong to a user and work with the values, that are given to me.

Here is my code to this:


Thousand thanks in advance.


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please show your models too – Levente Nagy Jun 30 '14 at 6:56
My Models are in the link above, isn't it? – LoveAndHappiness Jun 30 '14 at 11:57
I think the lists expects two parameters something like ->lists(column, key) – lozadaOmr Jul 4 '14 at 16:51

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