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I have a UIWebView in my iPad application which covers only a half of the screen. I am not actually using a SplitViewController. The UIWebView just occupies a part of a full screen container view. Now in the UIWebView, I am loading an HTML5 website which is expected to scale itself as per the size of the browser window. But when the website is loaded in the webview, I still have to scroll the webview horizontally to view the entire content. I tried making the webview full screen and the site is loaded as it should. But it is loading in the same size even when I am trying to load it in a small portion. It seems like the website is taking the whole ViewControllers view as its container instead of the webview itself. I tried by setting the contentMode of the webview to scaleToFill but without any success. Using javascript for zooming out works, but it zooms out the entire website, ie, even its height while i just want the webview to behave normally. Is there anything I can do about this?

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