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If I use this way I can get what I want :

echo Date("m/Y", strtotime("04/2014 -1 Month"));
// 03/2014

but I need to generalize this to subtract from unknown date like this :

$date1 = date("m/Y", strtotime("+1 month"));
$date = date("m/Y", strtotime("".$date1." -$f month"));

I get wrong answers for date it show 01/1970 I want to know is it possible to use the date variable inside strtotime ? and is my way to use it right or wrong?

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You didn't see this post in the sidebar? stackoverflow.com/questions/2382458/… –  Phil Jun 30 at 7:01
So you want $f months before next month? –  Mark M Jun 30 at 7:01
First method you use doesnt work as expected like yours echo Date("m/Y", strtotime("04/2014 -1 Month")); output 01/1970 –  Bora Jun 30 at 7:05
yes I want $f to be the number of months but this is not my problem I think my problem is it possible to show a variable before the $f or not? because if it is a real date it works but a variable not work why? –  Basel Shbeb Jun 30 at 7:06
The problem is not the $f variable. The problem is strtotime and the m/Y format: codepad.org/L9NmTvQ1 –  Mark M Jun 30 at 7:10

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You can also use modify function.

$date = new DateTime('2014-04-01');
$date->modify('-1 month');
echo $date->format('m-Y');
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Use the sub function

$date = new DateTime('2014-04-01');
$date->sub(new DateInterval("P1M"));
echo $date->format('m-Y');
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