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I have a solution for this, but its more of a workaround than something to use in production. The workaround is basically a simple sql interpreter written by myself, but I don't think it will work 100%

Assumed I have this query:
...Field1 Like 'Value1%' AND(Field2=Value2)...

Is there a way to get an array that looks something like this:
[0]["field"] = Field1
[0]["value"] = Value1%
[1]["field"] = Field2
[1]["value"] = Value2

Thanks in advance for any hints and tips!
And I code in .net c# right now. But It's no problem to translate for me! :D

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Basically, you're after an SQL parser and AST? –  Marc Gravell Jun 30 at 9:15
Yes I am. Is there a built in Parser in .Net? I couldn't find one, that's why I asked here. If it is not built in, then I have to write my own one. –  Noel Widmer Jun 30 at 9:35
I believe SMO has one. It is the one powering SSMS and it is publicly exposed. –  usr Jun 30 at 9:39
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