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I have developed a functionality.

Creating a Select Options dynamically.

Creating the Options works perfectly.

To modify an option in Internet Explorer 11 does not change either.

If I modify data "Option" item and hit the F11 button (full screen browser), the contents of the "Option" element refresh. I do not understand why this occurs.

My tests: http://www.javiscript.es/desarrollo/reles/

I will explain step by step

1) Open the link

2) Press button "+ añadir campo dinamico"

3) Select the select "Múltiples Elementos"

4) Press "Añadir" button

Once you have created the dynamic field:

1) Put your text in the "elemento" field 2) Put text in the "valor" field 3) Click on "añadir"

We will see that in both selects multiple data have been added that have written.

So far, so right

Now the problem is:

Press the "tabular" button

This button should INDEXING (move right) data written before

In ALL browsers works fine, but in Internet Explorer 11 does not.

Then in Internet Explorer 11: 1) Pulse the "tabular" button does nothing 2.1) Pulse (for example) F12 (to open development tools) 2.2) O pulse F11 (full screen) 2.3) Or change the window size These actions cause the select refresh and display the indexing on the values

Why pressing the button does not work but any action on the browser makes it appear? (I only happens in Internet Explorer 11)

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I don't understand what the problem is, I opened your link in Chrome and IE11, tried various things, I can't see any difference though.. Can you elaborate on what exactly the problem is? –  deherch Jun 30 '14 at 9:51

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