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I use phpunit selenium 2.

In my site I collect element by this way:

$body    = parent::byClassName('classname');
$bodyStr = $body->text();

$images = $body->elements( parent::using('css selector')->value('img') );
$links  = $body->elements( parent::using('css selector')->value('a.link') );

$this->checkLinks( $links );
$this->checkImages( $images );

the problem is that in the two last 2 methods ( checkLinks and checkImages ) I change page and when I come back it says: Element not found in the cache - perhaps the page has changed...

my solution is use while in the method and always get elements again instead of save them as array..

$linkCounter = 0;
while( count( $links = parent::byClassName('classname')->elemnts( parent::using('css selector')->value('a.link'))) > $linksCounter ){
 $links[ $linksCounter ]->attribute('href')....

is anybody knows better solution implement this code, or how can I force hold the elements even if I change pages...


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In the Java world, using PageFactory code.google.com/p/selenium/wiki/PageFactory would solve this. –  SiKing Jul 1 at 20:23

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