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I have a custom webpart that is displaying dynamic list data, it needs to render an image from a Picture Library (or at least provide me the URL so I can encapsulate it with an tag), however, none of the fields in the Picture Library seem to contain the image URL? Is there a 'image utility' (SPImageUtility) or something I can use to pull this out? Or am I simply missing something?

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Assuming you are using the object model then the you should use this (c#)


to get the HTML encoded absolute URL of the image (where "EncodedAbsUrl" is the name of the field/column).

To get the unencoded site relative url you can use ServerUrl or FileRef (they appear to return the same)

You can also use EncodedAbsThumbnailUrl to get a thumbnail image.


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Are getting information from a CAML query? If so you will need to add the required field to the query.

Otherwise the spListItem object from the spList has the property URL which has a web relative URL for the image.

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