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I'm struggling to separate the dependencies in the following code:

    public static SiteConnector ConnectToSite(String Logon, String Password)

        HttpWebRequest webRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(_URI);
        ConfigureRequest(Logon, Password, webRequest);
        HttpWebResponse webResponse = (HttpWebResponse)webRequest.GetResponse();
        Cookie ReposonseCookie;
        //this looks for a cookie and spitsout a value based on response
        int value = ProcessResponse(webResponse,out  ReposonseCookie);

        return new SiteConnector(ReposonseCookie, value);


Essentially I want to unit test without relying on the request to the external website.

What would be the best way of going about this?

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Not sure how that class looks off of the top of my head, but you can always wrap them around your own, testable class.

public class WebRequestWrapper
   internal WebRequestWrapper() {..}

   public WebRequestWrapper(WebRequest req)
      _innerRequest = req;

   public virtual string Url
      return _innerReq.Url;

   //repeat, make all necessary members virtual

then you can use RhinoMocks to create a PartialMock of this class. IT will override any of the virtual properties.

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