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We have a CGI based web report framework written in C/C++. The CGI client connects with proprietary code which in turn connects to database.

We are looking for a better Java based replacement for CGI due to performance, maintenance and probably security factors.

  • Can JasperReports connect with the proprietary code? Or will servlet be enough to replace CGI client?
  • Can be JasperReports run on Tomcat?

Any help is appreciated.

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You (or anyone else with a similar question) can check out this partial custom data source example to get started. I've found Jasper Reports to be quite easy to set up a basic system and integrate with. The documentation is not quite complete, but the code is somewhat more understandable than BIRT. Data from Java beans, Hibernate, and POJOs is all usable...

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It's been a while but I remember it being really, really easy to create your own datasource in JasperReports.

See JRDataSource under API Docs

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Jasper works great in Tomcat. JasperReports is not limited to using SQL as a data source - it would be pretty easy to write your own data provider that interacts with your proprietary code.

If the proprietary code is native, you'll have to figure out how to handle that part of it, though...

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