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I'm writing a device driver for a camera using the V4L2 API and Videobuf2 and I'm using a Xilinx DMA to transfer data from the device into memory.

I have a working descriptor callback that is called whenever I have a new frame transmitted. However, when I try to send the buffer into userspace something goes wrong and whatever program (mplayer, fswebcam, etc) I'm using to get the image crashes, but I haven't been able to figure out why.

Here is my callback

static void cam_dma_done(void *arg)    {

struct xilinx_vdma_tx_descriptor *desc = to_vdma_tx_descriptor(arg);
struct dma_chan *chan = desc->async_tx.chan;
struct xilinx_vdma_chan *ichannel = to_xilinx_chan(chan);
struct cam_priv *priv = ichannel->client;

dev_info(chan->device->dev, "callback cookie %d, active DMA 0x%08x\n",
desc->async_tx.cookie, priv->active ? sg_dma_address(&priv->active->sg) : 0);

if (priv->active) {
    struct vb2_buffer *vb = &priv->active->vb;
    struct cam_buffer *buf = to_buf_list(vb);

    vb->v4l2_buf.field = priv->field;       
    vb->v4l2_buf.sequence = priv->sequence++;
    vb2_buffer_done(vb, VB2_BUF_STATE_DONE);         

if (list_empty(&priv->capture)) {

    priv->active = NULL;
priv->active = list_entry(priv->capture.next,
                 struct cam_buffer, queue);



Does anybody knows what could be going wrong?

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