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As I remember, when I rebuild image (more than once) from pure Linux kernel source tree, basically, the build system compiles only the changed codes and incrementally links them with other unchanged object files which were compiled before.

However, I couldn't find any options to make Ubuntu kernel build system to build image in the same manner. Simply, a line of change takes too long time to be compiled and linked. Is there any options for it, or any alternative practices?

Here is my shell command to build a kernel image in Ubuntu way.

fakeroot debian/rules -j8 binary-headers binary-generic

My current kernel source version is like below.

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It looks like you're using Ubuntu's scripts for building kernel packages for the distribution. If they're like Debian's, they will rebuild everything, I think.

Simply don't use them unless you really need to recreate the packages exactly. Instead use make -j8 deb-pkg, that will build packages for you without forcing a make clean.

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