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I am trying to write a query for selecting records based on:

  1. They should belong to particular category
  2. They should be between Start date and End date.

    I have records like:

    EventId| EventName| Event_Category| Event_StartDate| Event_EndDate|
       1   |  aaa     |     4         |  2014-06-10    |  2014-06-15  |
       2   |  bbb     |     5         |  2014-06-10    |  2014-06-15  |
       3   |  ccc     |     6         |  2014-06-10    |  2014-07-11  |
       4   |  ddd     |     5         |  2014-06-01    |  2014-07-10  |
       5   |  eee     |     5         |  2014-06-10    |  2014-06-014 |

    Stored procudure:

    create proc usp_filterevnts @Categoryid int, @StartDate date, @EndDate date
    select * from Events Where Event_Category=@Categoryid  and ( Event_Startdate>@StartDate and Event_Enddate<@EndDate )

    If i execute the sp as

      exec usp_filterevnts 5,'2014-06-09','2014-06-16' 

    It should display records of Category 5Th records , whose start date and end date between '2014-06-09' and '2014-06-16 ..ie 2nd record, 5 th record..

    Is my stored procedure correct for this??

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Look up the BETWEEN clause. Is there a particular reason you're doing this in a stored procedure and not just in the query? –  Tripp Kinetics Jun 30 at 13:15
how could i check two dates with BETWEEN clause?? using 'And'?? –  user3640046 Jun 30 at 13:24
Please see the answer. –  Vaibhav Vidhate Jun 30 at 13:34

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select * from Events Where Event_Category=@Categoryid and (Event_Startdate between @StartDate and @EndDate) and (Event_Enddate between @StartDate and @EndDate)
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Please accept this as a answer if this really helped you. –  Vaibhav Vidhate Jun 30 at 14:29

(depending on table size, and whether the date field has an index...)

Your original syntax, but with >= and <= to be inclusive

Between causes a table scan, which won't matter too much if your table is small.

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The operators themselves do not cause a table scan. A table scan occurs only if there is no index on the date column or the table is so small that using the index won't help. Actually, both BETWEEN and >= <= result in the same inclusive range query –  Panagiotis Kanavos Jun 30 at 15:16

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