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I have a rack application running in the following way:

$: << File.expand_path("../lib",__FILE__)

require '<my_app>/api'

STATIC_DIR = File.expand_path("../public/",__FILE__)

run Rack::Cascade.new [<my_app>::API, Rack::Directory.new(STATIC_DIR)]

and it runs with puma like this:

exec rackup -s Puma -p $PORT

My app is some kind of a simple API written with ruby's grape rest api. my question is, where do all the application output goes ? I mean, all the GET requests for example, i am pretty new to this, and was not able to find it.

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Use this:

exec rackup -s Puma -p $PORT >> $LOG
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Great, it helped me ! –  gal Jun 30 at 14:50

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