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Fist of all, when I say "run a desktop app within a applet" I mean do a Applet application that runs off-line, instead of a Desktop application that runs inside a JFrame.

The little I know about applets (and maybe something I say is wrong, please correct me) is that applets have all permitions not granted by default. Also, the applets run inside a Sandbox, that does not allow information in or out without explicity permition.

So, if I am focused on security in my application, its best to run it inside an applet (off-line, for a desktop application) then inside a JFrame. Is it right?

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The same applies to desktop applications deployed with Java Web Start. Except for that their development is a lot more fun and does not have all the nasty usability constraints of applets

The article Java Web Start and Security "describes the basics of security for applications deployed through Java Web Start." More details may be found in the article Deploying Software with JNLP and Java Web Start.

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It's not quite correct to say that certain permissions are note granted by default; it's rather that applets have got a different SecurityContext.

But if you do not want to fiddle with that, go with Konrad's suggestion to run it as a Java Web Start Application.

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