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I'm using C# MVC5 with SignalR and Three.js (revision 67). I have a scene with Object3D container and using different tools, I add multiple different objects to the Object3D (mostly simple geometry like cubes, lines etc.). Now I export the Object3D using THREE.ObjectExporter and store the JSON string in a database. All seems fine, but the problem is importing it back to the scene. I tried using THREE.JSONLoader and parse the result, but I get an error "TypeError: vertices is undefined". I can't use a physical file since everything must be stored on the database. Is there a best practice or some kind of a pipeline for exporting and importing back a group of objects?


I ended up using THREE.ObjectLoader and ObjectExporter for import/export. The next code seems to work for now:


var loader = new THREE.ObjectLoader();
var objs = JSON.parse(response); //response is JSON from server
var res = loader.parse(objs); //res is now Object3D


var exporter = new THREE.ObjectExporter;
var obj = exporter.parse(markersContainer); //markersContainer is my Object3D
var json = JSON.stringify(obj); //store the json to the database latter
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